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Pagodas and parasols in Pathein

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A young vendor waits for pilgrims to purchase coins to toss into the wishing well at Shwemokhtaw Pagoda.

Pathein does not boast a huge number of breathtaking tourism sights, but it is home to the 40-meter-high Shwemokhtaw Pagoda, one of the most important Buddhist shrines in southern Myanmar. The city is also famous for its parasol workshops, the most famous of which is Shwe Sar, which traces its lineage back to craftspeople who made umbrellas for the last king of Burma in Mandalay in the late 19th century. Finally, St Peter’s Cathedral, established in 1872, is worth a visit for its striking forest-green stucco facade.


Buddha image at Shwemokhtaw Pagoda.



Parasol at Shwe Sar workshop.


Putting the finishing touches on a parasol at Shwe Sar workshop.


Mossy statuary at St Peter’s Cathedral.

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September 8, 2014 at 4:27 am

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